Spectacular staircase via Sacramento Street // White and gold fringed brogues, via Marte Marie // Gorgeous image by Lee Sutton // What more do you need than books and coffee, via Ez Pudewa // Moon arrow geometric leather necklace by Super Duper Things on Etsy

And some more:

  • Something I’ve learned and didn’t love: tv series Pan Am has been cancelled by ABC, too bad, I really liked this show!
  • I’d bought hydrangeas on the market, but after half a day in the vase there was little left of them, they were wilting. This is what I’ve learned about hydrangeas: they like to be cut diagonally, dipped in boiling water and then placed in warm water. You can also revive them by doing this.
  • I’ve finally booked a workshop on how to use my Canon DSLR at Fotoschool, and I’m really looking forward to this! May 25, I’ll post about it afterwards of course. Trouwens, de workshops zijn tijdelijk afgeprijsd van 125 naar 39 euro!