black heart lollipop cherry flavor by Vintage Confections // panel skirt via Wendy’s Lookbook // The art of dreaming via Pinterest // stylist photo by Robert Glaser via Art Department // Cooper square zippered Darcy by Kate Spade

And some more:

  • at Society6 you can find the most gorgeous iPhone covers, I had no problems finding a few for my wishlist…
  • if you want to use your iPad for your presentation, just install the Keynote app on your iPad and buy a Apple VGA adapter  (to connect your iPad to a beamer) + install the Keynote-remote app on your iPhone, make sure iPad and iPhone are using the same wireless connection, so that you can use your iPhone as a remote control (showing your notes as well)
  • I downloaded and started reading a free e-book (in Dutch) by Jan Vermeiren and Bert Verdonck on how to really use Linkedin effectively
  • I am absolutely without any doubt totally and utterly addicted to the H&M Trend collection! (in Groningen for sale at H&M Vismarkt) They should move to another city!! No no, just kidding, stay! :-)