I love Pinterest. I love repinning. But all too often I stumble upon images that are not linked to their original source properly, linked to secure websites or that are really tiny. No matter what the reason is, I will want to search for the original image on the web. Did you know Google Image Search can help you do just that?! Here’s what you’ll have to do.

  • Save the image to your hard drive.
  • Start your browser (Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, no Safari) and go to Google Image Search.
  • Open a small Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) window on top of your browser and browse to your image.
  • Drag the image (clicking on it once and then holding the mouse button) from your small window to the Google search bar.
  • Google Image Search will ask you to drop the image, do just that.
  • Et Voila: once you’ve dropped the image to the search bar, Google will look for exactly the same image on the web.

Easy as that!┬áIf you did this in search for the original source of the image, don’t forget to add the url to the pin by editing the pin. So the next pinner will repin the image with the right source linked to it.