1956 IKEA LOVET makes a comeback as LOVBACKEN

Tuesday June 25 2013

After a photoshoot for the catalog in 1956 Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad discovered that side table LOVET didn’t fit into his car. Designer Gillis Lundgren then decided to skrew the legs from under the table. This was the beginning of the revolutionary concept of Ikea flat-packed furniture. This summer, this cute little side table will make its comeback, now called LOVBACKEN!

LOVBACKEN, with its leaf-shaped tabletop of poplar veneer (the earlier version was made ​​of rosewood, but that is no longer permitted) and slender legs of solid beech wood with gold accents, complies totally with the retro trend. It would fit perfectly into my 1950s styled home as well! But unfortunately I’ll have to wait for a few more weeks, as it’s already available in Sweden, Italy, Poland, Portugal, the UKDenmark and Belgium, but won’t be available in The Netherlands until August…

The price is quite reasonable: €59,90 / £40,-

Source and photos: Ikea


Ikea is downsizing!

Friday June 21 2013

How sweet: Ikea is going to sell dollhouse versions of their most iconic furniture! We’re talking accurate 1:15 scale models of EXPEDIT shelves, the VAGO chair, the LACK table and of course the KLIPPAN sofa. The set will also contain the heart shaped pillow and a black and white rug, as well as some paper accessories to cut out. Oh and more good news: the items of this new HUSET collection all come fully assembled, so none of the well-known Ikea-assembly-frustration for you or your kids’ dolls.

The set will be available from August 2013, launched together with the new Ikea catalogue. Aren’t these the sweetest? Sold for $19, are you getting a set for yourself?

Via The Evening Telegraph


Ikea Papershop

Sunday June 16 2013

By the end of last year, the first Ikea stores were stocked with the brand new Papershop: a complete range of paper products for school, office, and gift wrapping. You can now shop these sweet Papershop products in The Netherlands as well at Ikea Delft, Barendrecht and Amersfoort. I haven’t seen the products live yet, but will be looking forward to the Papershop at Ikea Groningen.  Of course the products come in all sorts of colors, I just liked these black-and-whites the best…

Update: check Decor8 for many more photo’s!

All photos via Ikea.nl of course.


Ikea Stockholm 2013

Friday May 24 2013

You probably know by now that Ikea has made a quality statement with their Stockholm collection. Timeless designs that become more beautiful with the years thanks to the use of rich materials of the highest quality: supple full-grain leather, strong walnut wood, hand blown glass and soft velvet. They’ve added some new items to this collection recently. If only it weren’t for my house being quite stuffed with furniture already… The lamp does look a bit familiar, doesn’t it?!


New products at Ikea

Tuesday February 5 2013

Not yet on the (Dutch) website of Ikea, but found on Ikea Livet Hemma. Some of these new products (launched february-april) are already on my wish list:

New: SELJE bedside table in white or blue

New: KNAPPER clothing rack with mirror

New: BILD poster of a rabbit and flowers, a collage

Limited edition: Billy in black+white, orange or bright blue

New: Promenad tableware in modern Delftware

New: Mulig clothing rack, following the black on black trend

New: ALMSTA chairs in nude and black

New: PALLRA recycled cardboard boxes in pink or yellow, with dots inside


Radon versus Brasa

Monday January 21 2013

When I was in Stockholm a few weeks ago, I saw this three legged lamp by Light Years called Radon at Illums Bolighus. Don’t you just love its simple design? Its price tag of €460.- reduced my interest instantly though. In itself it is not too much money for such a beautiful design lamp, but there are always more things on my wishlist… Luckily for me, Ikea produces a similar simple table lamp, called Brasa. Ok, ok, not nearly as nice, and its shade is much bigger (45 cm versus Radon’s 21 cm), but it has a much nicer price tag: €65! Oh and by the way, this lamp would match my Brasa reading lights perfectly…


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