Woman holding a fan

Tuesday May 29 2012

Woodblock print by Kitagawa Utamaro, “Woman holding a fan”, image via New England Art Exchange.

This was all I could find on the internet about this print (1920) that I bought last Sunday at the Japan Market in Leiden:

Kitagawa Utamaro (Japanese, 1753-1806) was recognized worldwide as a master of ukiyo-e (pictures of the floating world) during the Edo period of Japan. His print designs numbered over 2000 and ranged in subject from landscape, to realistic natural drawing, to erotica. Utamaro was especially renowned for his evocative images of women of all ranks of Japanese society. In his depiction of courtesans, widows, and mothers and children, Utamaro consistently portrayed an idealized form of feminine beauty with an elongated face and sharp profile. In this woodblock print, a young courtesan (geisha), indicated by her elaborate robe and hairstyle, demurely conceals her expression by covering her mouth with her hand, which is made visible through the delicately translucent sleeve of her robe.

Source: Treasures of Japanese Art


Japan Market 2012

Monday May 28 2012

Sakura was probably the only thing missing at the Japan Market in Leiden. Image via Julia.

Yesterday my father and I went to the Japan market in Leiden again. And this year the market was again bigger and better than expected. It was an anniversary year for the market (the 5th time), and that was evident. We enjoyed a lot of Japanese delicacies that I have to try at home soon, Yakitori chicken and Takoyaki mini pancakes (by Poffernier) for example.

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In remembrance, for Japan

Saturday March 10 2012

For Japan With Love //

One year later, on March 11, 2012, we’re honoring lives lost and lives saved in response to the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan. Join us on Sunday to send a message to Japan. Please click here to share the banner to spread the word in remembrance.


Dadada dan tenko

Saturday March 3 2012

Dadada Dan Tenko photographed by Bas Czerwinski

Last night my father and I went to one of the most amazing performances I’ve ever seen: Tentokomai by Dadada Dan Tenko.

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Japanese Market

Sunday May 29 2011

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa (1823-29) by Hiroshige //

My dad and I went to a Japanese street market today, in Leiden (NL). The market was bigger than we expected: about 20 participants, with all kinds of Japanse products, varying from sports to sake, from antiques to origami and from bonsai to food. It was great fun walking along the Rapenburg and snoping around!

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Japanse iPhone / iPad apps

Sunday April 24 2011

Behoefte aan meer Japan op je iPhone, bekijk dan eens onderstaande apps etc.

  • Discover Japan by Chris Rowthorn, ibook uitgave van Lonely Planet, €14.79
  • Hanafuda, Japans spelletje, gratis
  • Memory Tree, voeg tekst toe aan met de iPhone gemaakte foto’s voor een archief aan herinneringen, gratis
  • Songs for Japan, muziekalbum met 38 nummers waarvan de opbrengsten naar het Rode Kruis voor Japan gaan, €9.99

  • iShakuhachi, een onbekend bamboe blaasinstrument voor de iPhone, werkt door in de microfoon te blazen, €0.79
  • Pocket Guitar, gitaarspelen op de iPhone, €0.79
  • Quick Pigeon, korte vragen en antwoorden per push bericht, gratis
  • Amamiya Momo, anime karakter om te entertainen, €2.39


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